June 16, 2017

An Entrepreneurs Guide to Launching a Business You Love

An Entrepreneurs Guide to Starting a Business Plus, A Free Worksheet to Help You Find Your Niche   Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked to several aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their own business. I’ve worked with these women in various roles: some are in my network groups, others came to me for branding help or just had questions about launching their business. All of them have one thing in common. They are […]
May 4, 2017

Content is King, But Consistency Is the Queen

You’ve heard the saying; content is king. But, have you met the queen? Do you know anything about her? It’s time to set up your marketing, and “her majesty” can help you build a brand. It’s true. Content is king. To build an audience and grow your business you need great content. You have to provide value to your customer base, and one of the best ways to do that is with amazing content. Now […]
April 21, 2017

My Favorite Cost-Saving Tool

Value. Return on Investment. These are words I take pretty serious! I’m always looking for a great cost-saving tool. As an entrepreneur, I have to evaluate every single tool I use in my business. Does it bring enough value? Is it a cost-Does it give me a good return on my investment? Is it critical for my business? Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite (and most cost-effective) tools. Grammarly. I […]
April 17, 2017

FREE Goal Setting Worksheet

If you’re in business for yourself, one of the most challenging parts of developing your brand and launching your marketing plan can be setting actionable goals. You have big dreams, or you wouldn’t be in business for yourself at all. However, figuring out how to turn those aspirations into reality can come with significant challenges. By putting this simple step-by-step plan in place, you’ll be able to define your Goals, set SMART Objectives, develop supporting Strategies and […]