Content is King, But Consistency Is the Queen

You’ve heard the saying; content is king. But, have you met the queen? Do you know anything about her? It’s time to set up your marketing, and “her majesty” can help you build a brand.

It’s true. Content is king. To build an audience and grow your business you need great content. You have to provide value to your customer base, and one of the best ways to do that is with amazing content.

Now it’s time to marry your content to the queen: consistency.

Consistency is the number one killer of brands, especially for small businesses. Do you know why?

Small businesses often abandon the consistency their brand needs because they get tired of their messages. We hear our own messaging every day. It’s ingrained in us, and we start to believe that our customers are getting bored too.

That’s almost never the case. Do you know some research shows consumers need to hear messages more than seven times before they start to retain it?

Here are 10 ways you can help keep your brand consistent.

1. The single most important thing you can do to start developing a consistent brand is educate yourself.

Learn what branding is and why it’s so important for your business. I’m more than happy to happy to spend 20 minutes helping you understand the importance of branding on a discovery call, or you can download my Ultimate Branding Checklist for FREE.

2. Take the time to build your brand.

Putting in the work to create a solid foundation will you stay consistent over time. Many small businesses completely skip this step, and it makes keeping your brand consistent over time more difficult.

3. Make sure your brand includes the strategy, the content.

There is still a king. If you want your content to keep the same consistency as your visual elements, you need to take the time to develop key messaging that speaks to your target audience.

4. Create a strong visual brand that includes your logo, color palette, and fonts.

Once you’ve designed your visual style, add in icons, patterns or other elements to extend your brand. Incorporate all of these elements into a style guide, to help you maintain consistency over time.

5. Define your dream customer.

Make sure that your messages and visual brand are appealing to your target audience. If you build your brand without keeping your audience in mind, you’ll find yourself circling back to brand development very quickly.

6. Write with key messages in mind.

Your blog, website, e-mails, and social media posts should all start with your key messages in mind. Always start with a foundation so that you’ll be building off the strong base of your brand.

7. Double check all of your touch points.

Check all of your different touch points to make sure your brand looks and sounds the same. Your website, emails, social media accounts, webinars, and client conversations should all support your brand.

8. Never launch anything that doesn’t fit your brand standards.

Never launch a new resource, course or product without first checking it against your brand guidelines. Double check that everything you release is building your brand and never taking away from it — or worse conflicting with it.

9. Get your team involved.

Make sure your employees, contractors, VA or other contributors understand and support your brand goals. Make sure everyone in your organization is working together to build your brand with everything you do.

10. Don’t forget the details.

Don’t forget the day to day items. Personal emails, contracts, workflows, and questionnaires are all an important reflection of your brand. In fact, they might make a bigger impression than your website and newsletters.

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