My Favorite Cost-Saving Tool

Value. Return on Investment. These are words I take pretty serious! I’m always looking for a great cost-saving tool. As an entrepreneur, I have to evaluate every single tool I use in my business. Does it bring enough value? Is it a cost-Does it give me a good return on my investment? Is it critical for my business?

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite (and most cost-effective) tools.


I write a lot: blog posts, web pages, proposals, emails and more! In fact, my Grammarly report said I wrote 26,256 words last week!

Grammarly Weekly Report


When you create that much content it’s pretty likely you are going to make some mistakes. My weekly Grammarly report said I had more than 300 of them! Now, out of 26,000 words, I’d say that’s not so bad — but I still don’t want 300 mistakes (every week) floating around my business.

Enter Grammarly.

With Grammarly Premium, it’s like having a proofreader on standby! For less than $12 a month, I have my Grammarly app continually checking my work — as fast as I can write it! I often write in the Grammarly app, but I love that Grammarly also reviews my writing if I’m working directly with WordPress! Talk about making blogging fast!

I’ve found that my Grammarly Premium account catches most of my mistakes and typos! It’s all I use for most of my writing, but once in a while, you want a second set of human eyes.

Grammarly has me covered there too! I just click one button in my Grammarly app, and I can send my work to a professional proofreader. The rates are super reasonable and vary based on turnaround time. Having a real-life proofreader on standby is awesome for critical pieces that I want to be perfect!

Grammarly also helps me get better each week! My weekly reports show me where I made most of my mistakes, and it shows me how to make those corrections in my writing. It’s like my proofreader is giving me bonus tips every week!

Imagine if I had to hire somebody to proofread everything I write. Not only would cost a lot more, but it would definitely slow me to down too! Adding Grammarly to my workflow has been amazing!

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