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If you’re in business for yourself, one of the most challenging parts of developing your brand and launching your marketing plan can be setting actionable goals. You have big dreams, or you wouldn’t be in business for yourself at all. However, figuring out how to turn those aspirations into reality can come with significant challenges.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, sidetracked or even lost, today is the perfect day to turn all of that around and start reaching your goals.

By putting this simple step-by-step plan in place, you’ll be able to define your Goals, set SMART Objectives, develop supporting Strategies and go to work with actionable Tactics that will start moving you toward your vision of success.

You’ll develop a roadmap for achieving your dreams. Let’s start making your dreams reality.

Step 1: Define the Goal

First, you must articulate and write down your goal. It doesn’t have to be pretty. You can make a beautiful printable, or you can type out a few sentences in a Word document. Sticky notes work too!

Do whatever will work for you, but make sure you get your goal written down, then put it somewhere where you can see it every day. Reviewing your goal every day will help keep your “eye on the prize” so to speak!

Goals > Objectives > Strategies > Tactics

Step 2: SMART Objectives

An Objective is a concrete step you’ll take to achieve your goal. For each goal, I typically have 2-3 objectives that will help me reach the goal. To make your objectives “SMART,” you’ll need to put them into a framework. Organizing your plan will help you develop your roadmap to success.

Think of objectives like mini goals. You want to take your big goal and divide into 2-3 actionable steps. If my goal is to launch a new website, then my objectives might be:

  1. Define the technology platform I’ll use and secure themes
  2. Develop written and visual content
  3. Create a promotional strategy
Goals > Objectives > Strategies > Tactics

Step 3: Supporting Strategies

As you work through this process, you’ll become more and more precise with each step. Now you’re ready to identify some strategies to help you achieve your objectives.

Examples of strategies include writing guest posts, developing an online course, or even growing your e-mail database. Your strategies should be items that will help you achieve your objectives.

Make a list for each objective.

Goals > Objectives > Strategies > Tactics

Step 4: Actionable Tactics

The next step consists of actionable tactics that you can implement for each of your strategies. For example, if one of my strategies is to write guest posts, some tactics might be:

  • Make a list of sites that accept guest posts
  • Develop a list of topics I can write about
  • Write a library of guest posts
  • Contact sites with guest post ideas

As you can see, these are small, actionable items that you can put on your task list for a given day or week. However, because we started with the goal in mind, your list of small tactical items should incrementally move you closer to your overall goal!

Goals > Objectives > Strategies > Tactics

Using SMART Objectives is a proven framework for building a successful business over time. In fact, it works great in your personal life too!

Take any goal and get started today.

If you need help or have questions, be sure to leave a comment or contact me for more information.

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